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Entropy Always Wins - Hillary Goodwin

Hello Stitch Exhibition: February 27 - April 28, 2019

Reception: March 30, 2pm - 5pm

As a physician, Hillary Goodwin, MD is all too aware of how brief our lives are. She is deeply affected by the tug and pull of the patient/physician interaction, as well as the mixed blessings of prescription narcotics and the current state of the US healthcare system.

As a fiber artist, Goodwin explores pattern and modern art aesthetics. She turns to the medium of quilting to reflect on social issues and to process experiences from her job as an emergency room doctor. Often re-purposing clothing and textiles such as scrubs and hospital sheets, her medically related work strikes a poignant note among pieces created simply for their beauty.

Acknowledging the transient nature of existence makes our lives and the things we create even more beautiful. Goodwin creates beautiful, handmade objects despite and even because of this transient nature.

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