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Quilt Appointments

Got an email saying we are ready for your quilt or not sure what you want? Please find a time below to schedule your consultation!

What to expect

We look forward to seeing your quilt! During your consult, we will help you decide which details will achieve the look you are going for.


Expect an email following the consult with an estimate for the cost to perform the work for your approval. If we find something that needs clarification, we will address that before sending the estimate. Once the estimate is approved, we will put your quilt on the longarm schedule. You will know your quilt is complete when you receive an invoice with the request to schedule your pick up. Payment is due upon completion.


Please note: our waitlist is approximately 8 weeks if you schedule your consult prior to hearing from us. If you received an email telling you to schedule this consult, then our aim is return your quilt within 1-2 weeks of receiving it in our studio. 

Find us at

Open by appointment only

6050 Lowell St. #116, Oakland

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