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Join Our Community of Makers!

At Hello Stitch, we provide a place for people with a common interest in sewing, quilting, and hand-craft to share and learn together. We have top-quality tools that will help make your project a success and our studio is always staffed with an experienced sewist who can help trouble-shoot problems and give helpful advice. 

A Membership is for you if:

You want access Hello Stitch's tools and equipment during open sew studio days.

You want to make new friends with similar passions.

Every time you sit down and try to use your home sewing machine, something frustrating happens.

You are interested in sewing, but the cost of all those tools is just too much.

You want to build your sewing skills and would like a little guidance.

Your project needs a specialized sewing machine or tool.

You just don't have the space you need to spread out and cut patterns at home.