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Portrait Gallery - Mariska Miller

Portrait Gallery Exhibition: May 1 - June 30, 2019

Artist Reception: May 17, 6pm - 8pm

Growing up with a crafty grandma who showed her how to knit sweaters for her Monchichi, Mariska Miller always had an appreciation for all things handmade. She went on to study fashion-design and then put her knowledge to good use working on movies in the costume department. Nowadays she loves working on unique textile creations in her studio.

The idea to stitch up some heads happened during the last election cycle, at a time when it seemed that the world and people in it started to become harder and more rigid. As an antidote, she offers a few soft shoulders to lean on, a space that has a little give, maybe lights you up, , and gives you a smile, if only for a split second. Her stitched portrait gallery combines her love of cartoons, children's books and sewing. Her motto is simply, "make who shows up."

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