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2017 Holiday Open Studio

We had a great time at the Holiday Open Studio! We were joined by Trish and Aidan from Miso Handmade who demonstrated how to make strawberry catnip toys.

Miso Handmade also brought along some adorable toys for kitties & kids to sell. (Stacey's nieces and nephew were particularly pleased to receive cuddly stuffed kittens for Christmas!)

Goodies from Miso Handmade

We also featured the gorgeous, handwoven wares of Wool and Hide and cool enamel-ware jewelry by Caroline Gould.

We had the longarm quilting machine all set up for anyone who wanted to give it a try. People are always surprised by how easy it is to use. It can be intimidating looking machine, but once you get started, it can become addictive. The video below shows what the longarm can do when hooked up to the computer, which is also a very addictive thing to watch!

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