quilting Services

We love to quilt your quilts! Let us help you pick the perfect pattern at the right price for your budget. You can drop in with your quilt during studio hours or schedule a consultation to discuss your project. 

To prepare your quilt for quilting, please read our Quilt Preparation Guidelines.

Edge to Edge Computerized Quilting

We will work with you to pick the best computerized design to show off your quilting and quilt it with our Innova longarm using your choice of our Superior Thread. The price depends upon the complexity of the design and starts at $0.02 per square inch with a minimum of $40. For example, a standard 60" x 60" quilt would cost $72.

Quilt Basting Service

Tired of getting puckers and tucks on the back of your quilt when quilting at home? After you've crawled around on the floor and rubbed your fingers raw with safety pins? Let us baste your quilt for you! This is the perfect solution for finishing either by machine or by hand.  Small quilts under 5,000/sq inches are $40. Quilts larger than that are $60. We stitch them at 5 stitches per inch along lines 3 inches apart.

Other Services Available

We offer a variety of quilting services. If you need something more than what you see here, just contact us and we'll be happy to talk with you about it!

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Hello Stitch helped me bind and quilt a gorgeous gift. They were not only professional and extremely knowledgeable, but kind and gracious. It was worth every penny to have them help me finish a long-overdue project.

- Lynda P.