Everything you'll need to start stitchin is included with this Blue Circle Sashiko Kit! This Blue Circle linen and cotton blend panel is pre-marked for stitching ease. After your project is finished, just wash with water and the marks will disappear! One half of the rectangular panel is printed and one is plain. Stitch through both layers for a heavier, more traditional look, or only stitch through a single layer and use the plain side as a pillow or project backing!


Included with the Kit:


  • Lecien Blue Circle Pre-Printed Panel - Finished size 12.6" square
  • Yokota #2 traditional white sashiko thread - 40 meters
  • Pack of 8 Clover Sashiko needles
  • 3 Leather Thimble Pads - Reusable self adhesive leather pad sticks to your fingertip and is tough enough to handle the heaviest stitching projects.

Sashiko Panel Kit - Blue Circles