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Variegations - Christine Meuris

Exhibition: February 4 - April 5, 2020

The subject of Christine Meuris's work is translating traditional home-based arts executed in fabric and fiber into works made on and of paper. In this way, she distills and reinterprets the foundational aspects of pattern, color, geometry and symmetry. This work is her way of connecting ideas of art and craft, of pointing out the false barrier erected between – a barrier often based on class and gender.

Christine loves sewing because it reminds her of the time she spent sewing with her mother. She claims that the exactitude and patience required made her a horrible student and she never graduated from curtains and pillow covers. Nevertheless, when she finally did get to lay down a seam, it felt magical. And so it was with great pleasure that she stumbled across sewing as a means of making her works in paper and discovered paper as something to sew. As quilters and needle artists do, she assembles her work from simple units – in her case dots and lines or actual paper shapes stitched together.

She considers her works to be constructions and the repetitious and meditative work required to make them to be the joy.


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