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Cool Tools at Hello Stitch - AccuQuilt Studio Die Cutter

Do you avoid doing quilts that require that you cut the pieces perfectly? Well, Hello Stitch has you covered with their AccuQuilt fabric cutter. It is a die cutter that can cut up to 10 layers of fabric at the same time.

Check it out, I had a couple quilts that I needed to bind and it was going to take 14 width of fabric 2 ½ inch strips of fabric. While not difficult, it can be a project to cut all the strips. With the AccuQuilt, it took less than 5 minutes.

Here's how it works:

1. Open up the frame. Set the tray on the frame and put the die cutter you want to use in it. (Note: be careful when you pick up the die cutter, there are razor sharp knives in the grooves where it is going to cut)

Setting up the AccuQuilt

2. Layer your fabric on top being sure to cover the pattern you want to cut.

The AccuQuilt cuts multiple layers at the same time

3. Put the plexiglass on top of the fabric and turn the crank so the tray goes from one side to the other, under the roller. Lift off the plexiglass and there are your perfectly cut strips. (Note: don't forget the plexiglass - it won't cut well and can damage the roller)

With a turn of the crank - 14 perfect strips

Hello Stitch has a number of die cutters - strips, squares, triangles, apple core and many more. The projects you could do are limitless. Here is a quilt back I created by using the die cutter to cut my leftover fabric scraps into 5" squares. I can't imagine how long it would have taken to cut these by hand!

Warning! It takes a lot longer to sew the pieces together then it takes to cut them out.

AccuQuilt Studio Templates Available for Use at Hello Stitch

  • Super Strip Cutter - 1.5" and 2.5" 

  • Squares - 10.5", 8.5", 5" and 3.5"

  • 3" Half Square Triangle

  • Rob Peter to Pay Paul - 7" Finished

  • Isoceles Triangle - 5"w x 6"h (4.25"w x 5.125"h Finished)

  • Blazing Star - 12" Finished

  • T-Shirt Quilt Square - 12"

  • Apple Core and Tumbler

  • Double Wedding Ring - 18" Finished

  • Blazing Star Block

  • Tumbler 6.5", 6" Finished

  • Drunkard's Path - 4" Finished

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