Longarm Rental Program

Our longarm certification program is currently on hold until physical distancing restrictions have been lifted. If you would like to be on the program waitlist, click the button below!

Learn how to quilt your own quilts on a longarm!

Have you ever wanted to try quilting your own quilt with a longarm quilting machine? We would love to show you how easy and fun it is! If you can doodle, you can free-motion quilt with our Innova longarm. Equipped with a Lightning Stitch Regulator, which makes every stitch you take look perfect, and a hydraulic lift table to make standing at the machine ergonomically correct for almost any height, you will be amazed at how simple it can be to get great results.


Our certification program will cover all the basics of longarm machine quilting including preparing the quilt, loading the quilt on the frame, free-motion longarm quilting techniques, and maintenance of the machine.

Please note:

- We currently do not allow the use of rulers on our longarm. 

- Use of the longarm is for free-motion quilting only, we do not rent out time on our computerized system.

After you have taken your class, you will be scheduled to come in for a 2 hour practice session. Please plan on completing your free practice within two weeks of class completion. Once you have the approval of Hello Stitch Staff, your certification will be good for 6 months. As long as you rent the longarm machine for 2 hours every six months, your certification will remain current.


Once you are Longarm Certified, you will be able to book time on the Hello Stitch longarm for $25 per hour with a minimum of two hours. (Members of Hello Stitch get a $5 discount off the hourly rate as well as a 15% discount off the certification class and any quilting supplies purchased at the studio.)


Longarm rental requires certification and the separate purchase of our $20 longarm kit consisting of a zipper leader which will enable you to prep your quilt at home for super fast quilt loading during your machine rental time.

Program Cost:

Certification Class: $150 for 4 hour class + 2 hour solo practice session

Longarm Zipper Kit (required purchase): $20

Hourly Rental: $25/hr with 2 hour minimum