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Longarm Patterns

Pick the perfect edge to edge design to compliment your quilt and then fill out your Longarm Quilt Service Form with your choice of pattern. 

We have too many patterns to actually list them all on our website! Here is a small sampling of what you might find when you come in for a consult, where we will help you choose which details will achieve the look you're going for.

Patterns are priced in the following ranges.

Patterns at $0.02 / sq inch


These patterns have the greatest range of flexiblity and tend to be loose in design. Perfect for creating a simple texture on your quilts.

Patterns at $0.025 / sq inch


Our mid-range patterns have a good range of flexibility and have more motifs to choose from. They are great for creating a more special touch.

Patterns at $0.03 / sq inch

Modern Maze Pantograph

Our most complicated patterns that tend to use up more thread and be dense in design. They are great at creating varying texture and design.

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