Daily Memberships

Not ready for a monthly commitment? Daily memberships to Hello Stitch are just the thing! Book in advance to reserve your spot at the studio, or take your chances and just stop by. If there is room, we're happy to find you a spot! A Hello Stitch staff member will be happy to help you get started, but basic sewing skills and knowledge of how to thread and use a sewing machine are required. You can review all of our Studio Policies and FAQs here

Daily Studio Membership
Daily Membership
10 hr

This option is currently unavailable. We hope to reschedule this service soon! 


1708 University Avenue | Berkeley , CA 94703

510-982-6549 | hello@hellostitchstudio.com

Tuesday - Members Only

Wednesday to Sunday 10am-8pm

Monday - Closed

*Although the studio does keep regular hours, please check our CALENDAR before your visit as we are occasionally closed for special events.

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